Is Lotto Dominator Legit or a Scam?

Name: Lotto Dominator                    Website: (View)
Price: $97 plus upsells
Owners: Software Projects Inc.
Book Author: Richard Lustig
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100
Who it’s for: Beginner – Advanced


If you’re really looking for tips on how to win the lottery, you’ve come to the right place. Well, maybe. This article focuses on Richard Lustig’s e-book “Lotto Dominator.” Since you’re here, I’m guessing you know that Richard has won seven lottery jackpots – big jackpots – and is giving you the “tricks of the trade” in his book. But you’re also wondering if this is the “real deal.” I did purchase the book, just so I could give you the best review.

So What Exactly is Lotto Dominator?

Lotto Domionator is an e-book, written by Richard Lustig, that teaches you the best ways to play the lottery. After all, he has won seven Florida lottery jackpots. He tells us that three of his combined winnings earned him $941,145.83. He doesn’t tell us what the other 4 jackpots totaled, but if you’re interested in knowing, you can look it up in the Florida lottery website. With this being said, he must have the winning secrets, and this e-book reveals them to you.

His book consists of 24 chapters. At the end he includes a “SECRET CHAPTER!,” “BONUS TIPS,” and then “Bonus Strategies.”

The first chapter explains why most people struggle to win the lottery. What he says actually makes sense. Some of his answers to this are:

  1. They Play Quick Picks
  2. No Strategy in Place – Not Taking Enough Time to Do Research
  3. They Do Not Stay Dedicated to Winning
  4. Not Playing Consistently
  5. Playing All Even or All Odd Numbers
  6. Playing All Low or All High Numbers

These are just a few of his examples, and he explains each thouroughly.

In Chapter 2 he suggests joining a lottery pool called LottoLishus to increase your chances of winning. Of course, he clarifies very well how this works. This is an upsell, but may be well worth it for some lotto enthusiasts.

Most of the remaining chapters show you “How Can You Improve Your Chances of Winning.” These suggestions and “tutorials” go form focusing on games that are easier to win, lottery number games, keeping a balanced combination, when and where to buy lottery tickets, understanding scratch off tickets, picking numbers, and much more.

In Chapter 5, Mr. Lustig suggest we consider using Auto Lotto Processor to increase our chances of winning. “This processor uses probability, statistical analysis and mathematical formulas in order to predict which numbers are more likely to come up. It takes hot numbers, overdue numbers, recent numbers that hit, and more into consideration.” Here are the benefits:

  1. No Need for You to Pick Numbers Yourself
  2. Updated Hourly
  3. Scours Thousands of Sites
  4. Increase Your Odds of Winning

This again is an upsell, but like I said before, it may be beneficial to the avid lottery player.

I would like to point out that in Chapter 7, Richard discusses your mindset. (Yes, I have a blog on mindset, too.) He confers the importance of believing in yourself, meditation, visualization, positive affirmations and offers a few other good mindset recommendations. He follows this up with the one mindset rule that is the most important – TAKING ACTION! Thank you, Richard. No matter what anyone chooses to do in life, a good mindset and action are imperative!

It is in the “Bonus Chapters” that Richard gets into the “meat and potatoes” of winning. This is where he explains the strategies for playing and winning scratch off tickets. It is quite in-depth. He also reveals the strategies for Pick 3 and Pick 4 number games. Again, quite in-depth.

And finally, although not developed by Mr. Lustig, he reveals the formula for the Pick 6 mega games.

Who Is Lotto Dominator For?

Although the tag line for Lotto Dominator is “Winning has never been this simple,” I concur to say that it is not really “simple.” It takes hours and days of research and verification to know which games to play and how to choose the “correct” numbers. And this must be done on a continuing basis. In order for his formulas to work, you must be committed to following ALL the steps on a regular basis.

This is not a quick, learn in a day, way to play the lottery. His instructions for “pick 6 in 4 easy steps” starts on page 145 and ends on page 163. It may take you days to record and assess the findings. If you are the type of person that enjoys researching data and reviewing numbers you’d probably enjoy these strategies. The rest of us, probably not so much.

In addition to not being “simple” you may find that you need some extra financials to keep up with his strategies. He strongly encourages one to make a budget and to NOT overstep it. (Again, thank you, Richard.) One of his strategies starts with a minimum of $50/week. That is, buying 10 scratch off tickets, at one time, at $5 each. (He tells us to avoid the $1 and $2 scratch offs.) Well, if you play once per week, that’s $200 per month.

In a nut shell, if you are analytical, enjoy researching, have the time, are dedicated to following the steps, and have some extra cash on hand, Lotto Dominator may be the answer to The Winning Lottery Ticket.

Tools and Training

Mr. Lustig does give a written in-depth explanation of how his “systems” work. There are no videos, coaching, task based courses, tutorial trainings, or interactive discussions. However, he does encourage you to email with questions or problems.


The e book can be purchased for $97. That is a superb discount off the regular $300!

Once you purchase the e book you will be offered a one-time only invitation to join the Auto Lotto Processor (ALP) for $77/month. This is the system I mentioned earlier. If you click “No thanks,” it then offers you the same program for $67/month. $10 off. Remember, this will not be offered again.

If you click “No thanks” again, you will get a third offer for the same program for only $47/month. This is the best offer ever, a 75% discount! So, if you are thinking of purchasing the Auto Lotto Processor, wait until the third offer. Or, you can buy lifetime access right here for $127. Hmmm. . .

Once you get through the Auto Lotto Processor offers, you are then invited to join Lifetime Access to Lottery Winner University. This is a one-time fee of $57. “This is proven to increase your odds of winning the lottery by 10, even 20 times MORE than just using Lotto Dominator alone!”

My Final Assessment

Overall, Richard give you some pretty good information on how to win several lottery games. The problem; most of us will not commit the time, energy, and money it takes to work his formulas and see the returns. Even if you do follow his system to choose your numbers, you still have to make a choice as to which ones you want to play. His system does not eliminate all the numbers, it gives you a selection of fewer numbers to choose from. Still a guessing game to me, albeit the odds may have been increased.

Mr. Lustig advertises his program as being so simple even a 7-year old can do the math. Keep in mind, it is not the math that is hard, it’s doing all the research BEFORE you do the math. Richard tell us that playing the lottery and using his Lotto Dominator should be considered a BUSINESS, not a game.

In closing, my final assessment is that if you want to create a business that MAY work, then this would be a good buy to get you going. If you want some simple tips on how to play scratch offs, then this would be a good buy. If you want the formula to figure out how to choose numbers for the Pick 3 or Pick 4 games than this would be a good buy. After all, even if you use his formula and win $100, you’re ahead of the $97 you paid. Just keep in mind that you’re most likely not going to win the first time you play. Maybe not even the second. . . or third. . .

If you are looking for quick tips on how to win the “mega millions” next week, forget it.

But, if you make a commitment to follow ALL the steps, then go for it! This could be you! Buy it here.

Final Overview

Name: Lotto Dominator
Price: $97 plus upsells
Owners: Software Projects Inc.
Book Author: Richard Lustig
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100
Who it’s for: Beginner – Advanced

I give Lotto Dominator 50 points because if you make a commitment, anything is possible. Please feel free to share your personal review or experience of Lotto Dominator. Or, if you have any questions, please leave them below. I would love to hear from you!

Best of luck,

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